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The Best Smoky Mountains Tour Experience!

Cades Cove Heritage Tours offers the best tours of the Great Smoky Mountains National Par k! Some people choose to try and tour the Smokies on their own. but did you know that, on average, only 1 in 100 people come into contact with a Park Ranger when visiting the Cades Cove area of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park? The vast area can be overwhelming to try touring on your own, and you may miss several interesting stops and turns along the way. Schedule a tour with Cades Cove Heritage Tours to experience the ecology and history of Cades Cove like never before! Read on to learn more about why touring with us is the best way to experience Cades Cove at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park ! Celebrity Tour Guides The guides at Cades Cove Heritage Tours are hand-picked for their expertise in the area and their unique ability to captivate their audience. In 2019, we've had three celebrities guiding groups through the Smoky Mountains while providing interesting st

How the 1900s Logging Boom Shaped the Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains boast a gorgeous landscape, but they also have a rich history that dates back to the 1900s. Read on to learn some of the events that shaped the Smokies into the incredible destination it is today. You can learn even more about the history that shaped this beautiful place by booking a tour with Cades Cove Heritage Tour s and one of our several expert guides. We love sharing the story of the Great Smoky Mountains with visitors! Check our availability here . Early Settlers White settlers started arriving to this Cherokee Indian Territory in the late 1700s and early 1800s. These settlers lived of the land – hunting, fishing, raising livestock, and growing crops to feed their families. They also used timber from the area to build their homes and fences. While they were utilizing the land’s resources, they were self-sufficient and not depleting the supply in massive quantities. That was all about to change. Logging Boom The lumbering industry arrived at

This Festive Day Trip is the Perfect Way to Welcome the Holiday Season

Cades Cove Heritage Tours is proud to announce an incredible new day trip - the Festive Holiday Trip to Grove Park Inn and Biltmore . This beautiful experience will help inspire you to feel the holiday spirit this season with a gingerbread exhibit, champagne brunch, candlelit tour, and more! Mark your calendars for November 23rd and buy your tickets before the October 22nd deadline to secure your place on this incredible day trip! 27th Annual Gingerbread House Exhibit at Grove Park Inn Enjoy the intricate, too-pretty-to-eat designs on display at the Annual Gingerbread House Exhibit. This beautiful exhibit shows off the winning gingerbread houses from the Annual National Gingerbread House Competition at The Omni Grove Park Inn. What started as a small community event in 1992 has blossomed over the years into a wonderful tradition that participants and guests alike appreciate and treasure every year.  Holiday Champagne Brunch at Grove Park Inn Grove Park Inn is the pe

How to Pack for Your Trip to the Smokies!

The Smoky Mountains are a breathtaking location sure to be on everyone's travel bucket list! There are numerous activities, sights to see, and places to visit. As a long-time tour destination in the Smoky Mountains , Cades Cove Heritage Tours has great tips to help you plan your trip. Read on to find out a few essentials you should pack for your next visit! Comfortable Clothing Smoky Mountain hiking trails are some of the most beautiful you can witness, especially on our Great Smoky Mountains National Park Tour . Make sure you are prepared by choosing hiking boots that provide stability for your ankles and have comfortable soles so your feet don't start to ache before the hike has even started. Pack warm, thick socks to help prevent blistering and losing heat as you climb to higher elevations. It is also a good idea to bring a few different layers so you can adjust to the temperature fluctuations as the day progresses. Check the weather in the area where you will