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The Amazing Wildlife in Cades Cove

In 2017, the Great Smoky Mountains National Park welcomed over eleven million visitors. These visitors come from all across the country to see the beautiful scenery and all the wildlife that resides in the Smoky Mountains . The Smoky Mountains is teeming with wildlife and the best place to see these animals is in Cades Cove . In this week’s blog, Cades Cove Heritage Tours will tell you all about the wildlife to watch for on your next trip through Cades Cove. Make sure you bring your camera! Black Bear Always the crowd favorite! There are about 1,500 black bears that live in the Great Smoky National Park and the best place to spot one is in Cades Cove. Bears are primarily vegetarian. They eat berries, nuts, insects, and plants so watch for them in the wooded areas and don’t forget to look up in the trees! Spotting a bear in Cades Cove is very common. Keep an eye out in the field edges where the grasses meet the forest. The best time to look for bears is early in the morning or

Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center

If you’re visiting the area and looking for something exciting and educational to do with the family, a tour of the Great Smoky Mountain Heritage Center is a must-stop destination for any trip to the Smoky Mountains . Opening to the public in 2006 the Heritage Center has been growing ever since and is dedicated to preserving the rich history of the Great Smoky Mountains. In this week’s blog, we would like to tell you all about the Heritage Center and how together we celebrate the cultural heritage of the Great Smoky Mountains ! Mission The Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center preserves, interprets and shares the history and culture of the diverse peoples and Native Americans who have inhabited the Southern Appalachians, including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. It offers exhibitions and programs for educational and cultural enrichment. Museum The Great Smoky Mountains Heritage Center is first and foremost a museum; a museum whose mission is to preserve, protect and

Top 5 Reasons You Should Take a Family Vacation

We all get burned out from the daily grind. Take a break, get away and forget about our busy schedules! Family vacations are beneficial not only for your spouse, your children, but also for you! A trip with the fam is great time to spend together and make some memories. When it comes to planning your trip, there are so many choices. A getaway to the beach, the big city, or the scenic Smoky Mountains are all popular options for families to choose from. In today’s blog, Cades Cove Heritage Tours will list the top five reasons you should take a family vacation. 1. Relieve Stress Life is busy! Take some time to get away from it all. Away from work, school, kids’ activities, and the busyness of everyday life. Getting away from the hustle will do you, your spouse and children some good and relieve some stress and allow you some time to simply relax. 2. Bonding Taking time away with your family will create free time to bond with each other. This is a great time to spend as a family

Frequent Asked Questions at Cades Cove Heritage Tours

Whether you are a regular visitor to the Smokies, or you are a first timer, Cades Cove Heritage Tours offers you the opportunity to experience the Smoky Mountains as never before. We offer public and private fully guided tours for individuals and groups of all ages. In this week’s blog, we will answer the questions we are asked frequently about our tours here at Cades Cove Heritage Tours . Why Do You Charge for Your Tours? Aren’t Most Guided Tours in National Parks Free? Most shuttle tours in National Parks are not free. In fact, Cades Cove Heritage Tours is an excellent deal for a guided tour. Most private guided tours can run anywhere from $25 to over $125 per person. Is the Shuttle Going to Be Mandatory for All Visitors? No, Cades Cove Heritage Tours is not part of any plan to make riding mandatory. Cades Cove Heritage Tours is a private non-profit that seeks to provide a superior visitor experience while protecting the natural and cultural resource of Cades Cove. We offe