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At Cades Cove Heritage Tours, we offer multiple wonderful tour experiences! From public group tours to overnight trips exploring the wonderful state of Tennessee, we have an experience that fits your adventure style perfectly. We have the best tours of the Great Smoky Mountains, so you really can’t go wrong with any of our options. But one of our favorite ways to customize your experience is to book a private group tour with one of our expert guides. Read on to learn more about why we recommend booking a private tour this winter! 

Enjoy Nature with Your Crew

Booking a private tour with your small or large group of friends and family could be the perfect vacation activity! Bond with one another as you explore nature and journey through the Great Smoky Mountains. Public tours are great and still very educational, but booking a tour for just you and your group can allow you to feel comfortable enough to ask more in-depth questions than if you were in a group of strangers.

Personalized Tour to Areas of Interest

With a tour guide dedicated to your specific needs, we can focus on the areas that are of most interest to your group. We can also build a custom tour to additional locations that public tours don’t normally visit!

If you’ve been on one of our public tours of Cades Cove, you can expand your horizons further with a private tour to Elkmont or Newfound Gap. Elkmont is a large campground that exhibits several incredible historic buildings that have been preserved and maintained by the National Park Service. Newfound Gap is the lowest drivable pass-through in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and it shows off a wonderful array of tree varieties, including evergreen spruce-fir, hardwood, and pine-oak. 

Available Through December

While our scheduled public tours for 2019 are ending on November 23rd, you can book private tours through the end of the year! From now through the end of December, we are accepting reservations for private group tours of small and large sizes. The holiday season is the perfect occasion to spend additional time with your friends and family on a fun group tour!

Your Tour of Great Smoky Mountains

Call Cades Cove Heritage Tours to book your personal private tour and get ready to enjoy a wonderful experience in the Great Smoky Mountains! Feel at ease surrounded by your friends and family, explore areas off the beaten tour path, and schedule a time that works well for your whole group. We can’t wait to hear from your and plan your amazing private tour!

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